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e-mail: cheese@spomlek.pl

About Spomlek

The history of Spomlek  Diary Cooperative goes back to the first half of the 20th century, when in 1909  in a small settlement known as Wola Skromowska the first cooperative dairy company was established in the Kingdom of Poland.

And to this day the idea of cooperation has invariably been  one of the crucial guidance in our work.

Owing to its location in the east part of Poland, as well as longstanding effort of the Resources Department, Spomlek  takes pride in its modern and well organized base of high quality suppliers of milk which meets  the highest  requirements and standards of EU and other countries.

Spomlek operates in not heavily industrialized region reach in a variety of flora as well  as nature values of the region situated far from destructive  human activities. Spomlek  pays special attention to the preservation of this natural heritage.

Spomlek today is an example of the outstanding ability to combine the two elements essential in the food manufacturing process ,namely respect for the tradition and introducing innovation. It results in extensive range of internationally recognized fine quality cheese of unique taste having its source in  the ecological pastures by the Bug River, as well as high quality milky powdered products.


Export plays an important role in the sale of our products. Mature cheese, butter, and powdered products are the most valued elements of our company’s offer. The main export markets are EU countries, CIS countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia ), Russia, Canada, Israel and the USA.

Applying  state-of-the-art technologies for manufacturing milky products has  ensured Spolmlek  the position of the quality leader on the market. We are capable of meeting the most demanding  needs and special requirements  of our clients. Our offer includes  kosher certified powdered products.

The aim of Spomlek Diary Cooperative is to produce safe products satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients, and at the same time to respect natural environment and to ensure secure working conditions.

We make efforts to provide our clients products of the best quality and fulfill their requirements on each stage of the manufacturing  process.

The confirmation  of our activity are received certificates:

Additionally we are a producer  to have two modern certified laboratories:

Resources Assessment  Laboratory – which conducts analysis of raw material, and

Company  Laboratory –which aims at supervising  the production progress and accuracy of the final product.